It’s not “interior design”

As well as being the main contractor for many restaurants, hotels and offices we also concept, design and build private homes. No, we don’t just help private clients pick wallpaper and cushions, it’s much more than that. Most often we get our hands dirty to literally build a home. For instance, while developing Max Martin’s luxury apartment we took a ground-up approach as we had to dig in to the bedrock below, to make room for his home studio.

So, if you’re looking for advice or “interior design” we unfortunately can’t help you. But if you’re searching for a partner that will help you create something truly special; speak to us. We’ll make sure that every detail in your home works perfectly, even the little things like those cables we cleverly hid in your walls or the way that custom made sofa fits perfectly in that space we made. And of course, we’ll pick out some cushions together when we’re done.


Recent clients include:

  • Max Martin, Music producer
  • Daniel Ek, Spotify founder
To respect the privacy of our clients there’s no online image gallery of the properties we’ve worked on. Feel free to visit the office and we’ll show you what we can do.