The shape of banks to come

We proudly welcome Santander Consumer Bank as the latest edition to our growing list of exciting clients. In the autumn of 2014, Santander Consumer Bank acquired GE Money Bank in Scandinavia. A year and a half later it was clear that the bank, which is one of the largest in the world, needed to rethink and recreate their offices to better fit their vision for the future.

Adolfsson & Partners have been trusted to carry out the task and our concept team will develop a more functional workspace, creating a cheerful and pleasant environment, where employees easily can interact with each other and find inspiration. We will create practical and unexpected solutions to meet their needs. The project is an exciting and fun challenge, as this is a type of client segment that are usually quite conservative. We’ll be working and implement the project according to our successful template projects, from start to finish, where we will have full control of everything from conceptual work to implementation and final delivery.
This turnkey project kicks off in January 2017.

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