What We Do

What we do

Everything is possible. Yep, that’s something we believe know, and that’s why we describe ourselves as ‘a modern interiors and building company’. Not the coolest of descriptions but something that shows that we’re not interior designers, architects, a concept agency or a construction firm. We’re all of the above. We’re an agency that can take on any challenge, gigantic or tiny. Because of our unique setup; a core team of über-talented people and our wider network of super-experts, we really can solve any challenge. Sure, having 30 years experience in the industry helps too. Some would call what we offer ‘a turn-key solution’. Fancy words that simply mean we always take 100% responsibility for a project. All the way from concept doodles to completion. A process where the client can turn the key and step in to a space that is perfectly designed and finished to the smallest of detail. Using this approach we’ve created extraordinary office spaces for Spotify and King, built a boutique hotel fit for pop royalty and some swanky apartments. Check out our case studies or get in touch for more.

Project management

Guiding our customers correctly in all decisions to be taken during the journey through a project is one of the most important parts of all projects.

As a customer, you become part of our project team where we project everything throughout the project. We help you find the optimal premises for your business, create your new interior design concept, project everything, procure and project manager all the building related work, take care of the moving room from your old office and procure, deliver and assemble all the furnishings so that you can move in in a fully functional and commissioned facility.

Concept development

We develop concepts that have a clear purpose and a surprising talking point. Our aim is to create an environment that attract potential customers for you, while creating a sense of belonging and pride those that work there. Hopefully with a bit of rock ’n’ roll thrown in.


We will take on any challenge, big or small. With our experience, the assistance of partners and through a constant dialogue with our client, we are able to deliver a successful (and fun) project on time.

Interior design

We always take the greatest care to ensure that the final product is finished to the highest standard. That’s why we make sure builders, contractors and partners are as enthused about the silver lining as we are.