‘AE/OW; arkitekter’ is Hotel Rivals main interior design firm.
In this project, we had the pleasure to collaborate with and implement their interior design ideas (Architect SAR/MSA Anna Karin Edblom, Interior architect SIR/MSA Karin Ahlgren). Our role in the project was to carry through the build and construction as a contractor.

The Hotel

A boutique hotel fit for pop royalty

Since the hotel was built in 2003, ‘AE/OW arkitekter‘ have been in charge of all interior design and remodelling. As trusted partners, they have worked together with us, on all parts of the venue, including hotel rooms, bistro, lounge and cafe. We’ve even remodelled the entire restaurant in 48 hrs and the back office area over a weekend while the hotel was still operational. Together we’ve created a place fit for rockstars on tour, the world premiere of Mamma Mia or just a simple after work drink.

– Ongoing since 2003
– Owned by Benny Andersson, one of the ABBA members
– 99 hotel rooms
– Bistro
– 700 seat auditorium
– TripAdvisor’s best hotel in Stockholm 2013

Meeting Rooms

Four meeting rooms got a total makeover

A tight team of AE/OW‘s interior designers, technical supervisors and the manager of Hotel Rival worked together to revamp and update the meeting area including four separate conference rooms.

Part of the project was to bring high technical equipment and functional design to the next level. We installed Skype, Mac Mini and web cam to accommodate both local and global meetings.

To create a sense of day-time light for the space as it is located below ground level, we worked with walls of cherry blossom trees lid from behind. High quality furniture, soft colors, thought-out materials gave it a kick in the right direction. As a result we ended up with four very different rooms, from more classically styled to one including almost 50 shades of pink. They all look smashing!

– High standard technical equipment
– From 8 to 85 seat meeting rooms
– 10 m wall of whiteboard
– Eames conference chairs
– Focus on comfort and function
– Meeting room and lounge in combination

Restaurant & Bistro

A touch of Paris with flavors from Sweden and a feel like home

Due to the strong cultural connections where this Hotel Bistro is located, there was a natural ease to this space. It’s an assembly point for both business people as well as the creative crowd.

With an open kitchen area as a central focus the rest of the interior was designed by AE/OW as a complement with couch booths and soft light to enhance the warm and welcoming feel of this bistro. The result is a genuine and vibrant place where both food and atmosphere makes you want to return a second time. And third, and fourth. Bon appétit!

– Unique designed lighting by Jaime Hayon
– Red velvet couches
– Original pillars from 1937
– Lush oriental carpets

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